Friday, 11 October 2013

Even more accessories for the Xperia Z1!

Yesterday a whole bunch of accessories dropped onto the doormat courtesy of our now privatised Royal Mail and Amazon. I've probably overspent but I've got a great new phone and I figured I will add to the collective new experience of Z1 users in the accessory marketplace.

The one I have been most impressed is the new case my Z1 is sporting. This is what I bought:

As the link shows, it comes a wide range of colours, I went for the "smoke black". Here are some pics of it on its own:

For £2.89 and free UK delivery, you really can't go wrong with this. It is just brilliant. It fits well, is easy to put on and take off but is not loose, and most important for me, keeps the magnetic charging port accessible. The main microUSB port, the headphone port and the on/off switch are all also open. There are small raised buttons over the volume and camera buttons, and they work very well. The case feels grippy, but doesn't add too much bulk. If you are in love with the sharp square lines of the Z1 and don't want to lose them, then this isn't for you. So this is what my phone looks like now:

The other case I'd bought (a steal at £2.99!) is this one:

This has also got a great grippy feel to it but for me there is a big flaw (and a misleading description in their advertising): the magnetic charging port is covered!

The third product I'm going to mention in this post is a dock. Here are the details:

A few mixed feelings about this one. Firstly, again a misleading description. It is supposed to come with an adaptor which means it can be used with and without a case on the phone. But it came as a single unit. My phone without the case fits in the dock with a bit of a wobble, but not enough to worry about it being damaged. But with my favoured case, it doesn't fit! Damn it! There are both a normal USB and a microUSB port on the back:

But look at the size of that cable they bundle with it! It's ridiculously short. In theory, you could just use the cable that Sony ship with the Z1 with this dock. I am thinking of getting the original Sony dock but have no idea how the fit will be with the case. 

In the meantime, I think I'll buy another one of the magnetic charging cables that I blogged about last time (see here). That has been working like a dream so far. In fact I think the battery responded to being charged with it better than with the microUSB charger! My battery seems to have woken up and found its legs now. I charge it for about an hour in the mornings to leave for work with it at 100%. I use it variable during the day and usually get home with about 50-60% left, which in my eyes is reasonable. I don't expect a battery to last me 24 hours without charge, and to be honest I really don't mind giving my battery some juice time everyday for an hour. It's good for me to be away from my phone for an hour!