Tuesday, 22 October 2013

How do you charge your Xperia Z1?

How do you all charge your Z1? Part of the answer will depend on whether you have a case on your device, like I do. In the UK, the Z1s were shipped with only a conventional AC charger and USB to microUSB cable. This means having to open the microUSB port every single time, a bit fiddly and I'm not certain the flap can handle that over a year or so.

So far, I have purchased three different charging devices, and only one does the job satisfactorily. Yes of course the cable that shipped with the Z1 does the job, but I'm talking about chargers that use the magnetic charging port.

The one that arrived first is the one that has worked the best (see here). This flexible loose cable attaches easily while my phone is in it's case and charges at the same if not better rate than the microUSB charger.

My idea was to use this one on the road, and buy a proper dock for home. I've ended up buying two: the actual Sony product (DK31):

and another one:

Let's start with the second one. It's not very good. But then again what did I expect with something that tries hard to imitate an official Sony product? There is no adaptor for a cased phone as claimed in the advertising. The cable is ridiculously short. Steer clear.

What about the official Sony dock? I had high hopes for this, especially as it shipped with two separate adaptors, one for phone with cases and one for phones without. However, even with the widest width adaptor, my phone doesn't fit, and believe me, my case isn't that thick. I tried using it with the adaptor removed completely, thinking that if I just wedge a thin strip of cardboard behind the phone, it would be sufficient support. But then the problem is that the magnets just don't line up well because of the case. 

So....I either carry on using the first product with my encased phone.....or ditch the case and use the proper Sony dock at home and the cable on the road. Or, remove the case each time I'm home?

I'm not sure, but I like my case and I like my phone intact so I think I'll just swallow the bitter pill of cash wasted on two docks and stick to the cable. I'll buy another couple as I am very happy they do the job. To be honest, I don't really mind my phone isn't docked....when it's charging I leave it alone so I don't need it to be showing me anything.

So that's 2 docks and 1 case that are in the "not used" pile. But everything else that I've got is just amazing. I hope I can write about my QX10 next.

by Vikas Shah