Monday, 21 October 2013

The first major Z1 problem: screen death

I have just experienced my first major problem with the Sony Xperia Z1: the screen just "died".

I have been using it with no issues for several weeks now, including this morning. All of a sudden, the on/off button didn't light up the screen. The device was responding to the buttons as a long press on the camera button caused the small vibrate that indicates the camera is on. 

A quick Google search identified that this is a known issue:

Unlike others, I could not see anything on my screen at all, not even a faint image. I tried the power + volume button combo but that did nothing. So in the end I resorted to a hard reset (little red button next to sim tray).

My phone is now up and running. My lock screen widget (Chronus) disappeared so I had to add that back but otherwise everything else seems to be ok. As far as I can see, I haven't randomly called or texted anyone by accidentally pressing soft keys while the screen was "dead". 

Running latest version .534
At time of event: 
- X-Reality was ON
- Adapt to lighting conditions was ON
- Optimised backlight was ON
Bluetooth was OFF

The only new app I had running was Aviate.

I have had to hard reset my iPhone 4S several times and I don'y know of a device that has not needed one. I am hoping that this is a minor glitch, because I've got a load of new accessories that need charging and testing!

by Vikas Shah